Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
May 29, 2001


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Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Calvin Mertz, and John and Darrin Vickers were the only ones on site again today.  The excavation for the footings is complete.  We excavated only one foot below the bottom of footings instead of the excess suggested in the soils report based on the Architect’s recommendations and the design criteria used for the footings.  Utah Power indicates it has clearance to connect the temporary power and will do so in the next couple of days.

John Vickers gave me his price quotes for materials from Sorensen Sand and Gravel.  I contacted Shannon Sorensen to set up a direct sales tax exempt account for the church and asked for a Gift in Kind.   He is considering how much this will be and we will settle on it when I give him our tax exemption certificate tomorrow morning.

I finished painting the sign board given to us by Sign Pro and Dave Reeves and I delivered it to Sign Pro this morning.  They will have the basic lettering done and the sign ready for Dave to pick up by Thursday or Friday.  Dave will handle getting the sign put up using some 4x6 posts which have been furnished by Furst Construction.  Dave will need some help installing the posts and mounting the board.  Dave will also coordinate having lettering made for additional names which will be added to this board as we go and receive additional Gifts in Kind.  Sorensen brings us to a total of four so far.

The title company will not finish their work until Thursday and will fax a copy of their report to the West Jordan Planner.  That should clear us for a building permit Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  Dave Anderson will go to the City, pay the fees, and return the permit to the construction trailer on site so we can continue with the work when we are ready to pour concrete for the footings.

Dave Reeves also has agreed to visit the work site near the end of each work day while I am at Annual Conference Wed-Sun. to take a photo and get a summary of the work completed from the job superintendent, Calvin Mertz.

The attached photo is of part of the footing excavation.


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