Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
May 25, 2001


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Friday, May 25, 2001
Subject: Pictures

Finally have the settings correct.  Thank you for your patience.  First photo is sunrise over our site. Second photo shows the foundation outlines in orange paint on the grubbed building area.

Excavating contractor Vickers completed grubbing the building pad area and Calvin Mertz laid out the foundation and footings marking them on the ground.  We are reviewing the geotechnical report which appears to recommend substantial excavation of existing cap material and replacement with imported granular fill.  My first impression is that this much excavation is not necessary but I have a call in to the engineer who did the geotechnical report work to consult with him on this issue. 

The City inspector cleared our temporary power installation today thereby authorizing Utah Power to connect our work to their power system.  This should be completed early next week.

Total personnel on site today were 3 including Calvin Mertz from Furst Construction and John and Darrin Vickers from Vickers Excavating. Vickers will provide the name of the testing lab they are using for materials so we can approach them for a rate reduction as a Gift in Kind.

No additional work will be done at the site until Tuesday, May 29 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

We received a used sign board from Sign Pro today at no cost to use for our on site recognition of Gifts in Kind.  I need someone to clean up the board and give it a couple of coats of fresh white paint over the weekend.  Sign Pro will furnish the vinyl letters for the sign and has developed a format for the sign based on the rough draft I submitted last week.  Sign Pro will be providing the letters as we need them at a reduced rate near their cost as a Gift in Kind.  We also will need two 4x6x12 foot posts to erect the sign at the entrance to the project site and some volunteers to erect the sign after Sign Pro does the initial lettering in their site next week.


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