Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
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Construction Begins
May 24, 2001


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Thursday, May 24, 2001 - 10:18 pm
Subject: Daily Diary

I thought this would be a good idea.  If I can keep it up for a week, I will be sure of it.  Each day you will receive the updated diary and a photo of the day depicting progress on our project.  If there are critical items DCA needs pictures of to assure quality construction, just let me know and I will get them in the diary update at the appropriate time.

PASTOR STEVE arrived on site today just as the big machine was unloaded and started the project in prayer with the three workmen at the job site. 

In the future, I will try to include a look ahead at the number of workmen expected each day, etc. so we can be busy with our "ministry of construction."

Excavating contractor, Vickers, moved backhoe on site and started grubbing building area.  I arranged with Noland Construction to have them move the backhoe from a location near 900 East 2500 South in Salt Lake City.  Noland will bill me only for the wage cost for the driver and provide the transport vehicle as a Gift in Kind.

Calvin Mertz was on site and had the transport move his construction trailer to a location just adjacent to the site development boundary. We called for inspection of the temporary power pedestal by West Jordan City who will inspect on Friday.  The permit for temporary power will not be issued until the building permit is issued but we can get the temporary power connected in advance.

Backhoe arrived on site about 10 am, Pastor Steve prayed for our success, and the operator and his assistant worked on grubbing until about 2pm.  Calvin continued with preparations for the remainder of the work.  I provided him with two sets of revised site civil engineering plans so they can give us a revised cost

Tried to locate title insurance policy for the properties purchased by the church but could not locate them. We are having First American Title Company do a title report and offer of title insurance for a $1 million value.  Trustees will have to decide how to handle this when that decision is to be made.  We need the report to assure the City we have no recorded problems with the site before the permit is issued.  We hope this will be completed not later than Tuesday, May 29.  We will finish grubbing and then excavate for footings and set the steel.  Concrete pour will be done after the permit is issued and the forms have been inspected and approved by the City inspector.


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