Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 25, 2001


Monday, June 25, 2001
Submitted by David A. Reeves

* Dumpster: I called to get the dumpster emptied tomorrow — it has been full since last week. Since the normal pickup day is Thursday, it will be a nine-day wait after tomorrow until the next time, unless we fill up before then and elect to pay for an extra pickup.

* Gifts In Kind Sign: The trailer wheels of a concrete truck caught the Gifts In Kind sign and broke it off. The contractor put a new post on to replace the broken one and plans to re-erect the sign tomorrow.

* Concrete Work: More concrete was placed today to complete the length of curbing that runs east-west near the church entry (as shown in the first photo). Insets in the photo show (1) the concrete that was placed on the "nose" of the planter area, and (2) curing compound being sprayed on a length of new curbing near the entrance to the property from 3200 West. More curbing will be placed tomorrow morning.

* Irrigation Pipe & Gravel Delivered: Lengths of large pipe that will replace the open irrigation ditch were delivered today. A few lengths were unloaded along 3200 West adjacent to the building site (as shown in the second photo). Others are stacked in the general area of the corner at 9000 South and 3200 West (as shown in the lower inset on the second photo). A pile of gravel backfill for the pipe was also delivered to that area (as shown in top inset of second photo).

* Site Earthwork: The Link-Belt backhoe was used to mix water into some fill material. Backfill was then placed along the west side of the curbing that runs north-south and between the curbing and the area in front of the building and footings. The Link-Belt shovel delivered the fill material to the D-3 Caterpillar which then spread it (as shown in the third and fourth photos). The contractor will continue working on filling to grade for sidewalks and parking areas. They were still placing fill material when I left the site.


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