Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 26, 2001


Tuesday, June 26, 2001
(As Reported by David A. Reeves on Thursday, June 28, 2001)

Concrete Curbing: Photo A shows concrete curbing that was placed. The first section runs south from the dumpster slab. The inset shows a second section of curbing that was placed near the entrance to the property from 3200 West and the forming for the curved portion of that section of curb.

Irrigation Ditch Pipe: A city crew of three placed an inlet box where the irrigation ditch enters the northwest corner of the property near 3200 West and began laying the corrugated pipe sections, covered them with gravel backfill material and placed a layer of dirt over the top. Photo B shows some of the sections placed with backfill. Photo C shows carrying one section of pipe toward the ditch. Photo D shows the city backhoe operator covering a section of pipe with gravel backfill. Photo E shows dirt being placed on top, and the inset shows the inlet box.

Electrical Conduit: The electrical contractor buried some electrical lines Photo F (left side) shows the area of the underground electrical location from the south light pole toward the green stake in the foreground. Photo F (right side) shows the area of the underground electrical location from the church building toward the orange stake in the foreground.

Earthwork: The Vickers' arrived as I was leaving and were about to place base material in preparation for sidewalks near the church.

Gifts In Kind Sign: I helped re-set the Gifts in Kind sign after a backhoe operator dug a new trench for it. Photo G shows it in place once again.

Congregation Activity: I was unable to obtain any information about anyone from the church visiting the construction site on Tuesday. Since I was not able to be there Wednesday, I lack that information for the 27th as well. I apologize for not being able to give credit to anyone who may have visited the site on those two days.


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