Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 20, 2001


Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Today was a very productive day starting with a concrete pour for more island curbing and the dumpster pad. One end of one island remains to be poured. The electricians and plumbers finished under the floor area today and the remainder of the gravel was placed over the conduits in preparation for the pour of the floor beginning at 5 am tomorrow morning. The base for one of the pillars in front has been formed and both steel support columns are bolted in place. The sleeves for the sprinkler system extending east from the south planter and extending under the sidewalk on the west side of the building were installed and backfilled last night.

The City Engineer and the Wastewater System Supervisor met me at the site today to coordinate the installation of the pipe for the irrigation ditch. We have requested a gift in kind price for all the materials needed and should be able to save the City some cost. The pipe will have to be placed east of the sidewalk because there is a large water transmission line behind the curb where this pipe would otherwise be placed. I agreed to recommend that the church trustees grant an easement east of the sidewalk for the pipe without additional cost now that the City has agreed to pay for and install the entire system on 3200 West. We also worked out coordination of the driveway opening construction with our parking lot curbing and paving. The City will try to complete the pipe work next week and the driveway work shortly thereafter which will coordinate very well with our contractor's schedule.

Most of the activity for the next week will be finishing the concrete sidewalks, the parking lot and the utilities including water and sewer services. After that the site will be graded to close to the finish contours and we can start installing our sprinkler system and other landscape improvements while we wait for delivery of the Butler steel frame.

I have called the City Water Conservation officer to discuss the possibility of doing an entire landscape in water conserving materials and eliminate all lawn areas from our plan as a demonstration project to show how to develop an attractive landscape using native plants which do not require much water. I will give this information to the trustees to pursue the final design of the landscape and sprinkler system.

Photos include the finished floor area ready for concrete, the latest curb concrete pour, and the dumpster pad in the forms which shows how much fill material needs to be placed along the north east side of the project.

Betty Ross brought the troops a chicken, baked beans, and salad lunch using food provided by ladies who participate in the women's circles. It was excellent!!


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