Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 21, 2001


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Thursday, June 21, 2001
Report by Terry Holzworth

Today the floor concrete was poured!! The crew started at 5 am and the initial pour was completed by about 8:30 am. Finishing and edge marking continued into the afternoon as the concrete began to cure.

The excavation contractor began filling the area under the sidewalk along the south side of the building so the sidewalk pour can begin by next week. A little more than two feet will be required in the area near the dumpster pad.

I had taken several photos of the floor concrete work but forgot to download them before I left home for our trip.

Report continued by David Reeves

After the hard work of pouring and finishing the floor slab or just completing such an important milestone my natural inclination would have been to join in some high fives all around and retreat to a shade tree with a tall glass of lemonade. No such luxury for construction crews in general, and certainly not for our hard-working crew in particular as they continued working on additional items late into the afternoon.

The floor slab was completed in the morning as Terry mentioned, and the surface finish work was completed and the coating of curing compound placed on it by early afternoon.

Next, the locations of the surface grooves were laid out and marked for the concrete cutter. These will make sure that no uncontrolled cracking will take place. Later in the afternoon the truck from Salt Lake Cement Cutting arrived and a workman began cutting the grooves in the slab with a concrete saw and cleaning up the dust from the cutting operation with a vacuum as he went along.

(I picked up the plastic form ties that were removed from the slab forms, but the Styrofoam debris that was removed from the top portion of the forms needs to be cleaned up, if there is someone or some group from the church that can do that).

I was told that Terry brought doughnuts with him in the morning (I saw the boxes, but they were *empty* by the time I got there).

Other activity:

A concrete truck from Geneva Rock arrived and concrete was placed in the two entry-roof column footings. The east footing was not quite completed, but will be topped out with tomorrow's concrete work. (These are the footings at the base of the two columns that will hold up the roof over the entryway to the building).

The contractor added water to one of the piles of fill material and used the Link Belt backhoe to mix the material. a grade reference was established, some careful initial placement and hand raking was done, then the Link Belt backhoe and (Caterpillar?) tractor backhoe/front-end loader were used to place fill in the general area between the dumpster pad and toward the front the building entrance. A Bomag vibrating roller machine was used to compact the material.

The picture I have attached to this report shows a view of the completed floor slab, looking toward the southeast from the northwest corner of the slab. The insets show (1)measuring the locations for marking the lines for the sawed grooves and; (2)the groove-cutting operation.


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