Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 15, 2001


Friday, June 15, 2001

Today was the big day for the pour of concrete in the wall foundation. We also passed the inspection for the plumbing under the floor. Several conduits for electrical and communication wiring were placed in the foundation. Included are four conduits for sound connections between the sound alcove in the back of the sanctuary to the wall behind the altar. We also installed electrical conduits under the floor for control wiring for sprinkler valves and the main power line to our electrical panel. We have moved the panel and the control box for the sprinklers to the north wall of the storage room next to the door. This will leave us better use of the storage space.

The electrical conduit and the sleeve for the sprinklers in the islands were placed today and the bases for the parking lot lights were poured. The base for the floor slab for the dumpster enclosure was prepared and compacted. The excavation contractor will be working Saturday filling and compacting utility trenches and backfilling and compacting the area under the floor. The reason for the Saturday work is that water will be available in the irrigation ditch for moisture control saving the cost of bringing water from the fire hydrant on 9000 South or trucking it in to the site.

The top four inches of the styrofoam forms will be cut away Monday in preparation for final backfill and compaction. The remainder of the forms stay in place as insulation for the foundation.

Linda Hartney, her daughter and her parents brought a great breakfast which was enjoyed by all. We had a great rendition of "Johnny Appleseed" to bless the food for our use. Linda's parents had just arrived for a visit from Iowa yesterday and wanted to be a part of our construction mission. Lois Sigafus arrived about 11 am just as the concrete pour was winding up with some Salted Nut Rolls with the message "There's "Nuttin" like good help! Thank you so much for all you do!!" The nut rolls and message were enjoyed by all who needed the energy boost after working hard for two hours getting the concrete placed.

We are now generating enough waste to require regular disposal so I ordered a four cubic yard dumpster service from Waste Management of Utah to start Monday morning. This dumpster will be placed in the enclosure and remain with us as long as they provide the service. It will be picked up every other week for now. Waste Management will provide us a large construction dumpster when we need it charging us only for hauling it to the landfill and the landfill charges for the tonnage disposed of. I will contact the landfill to see if there can be a break for the church in these charges.

Photos today show the first and last concrete going into the forms and some of the trenches for the conduits. Somehow I did not have the camera set correctly and I do not have the pictures I took of the breakfast.


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