Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 14, 2001


Thursday, June 14, 2001

Today was a very busy day at the site with the concrete, electrical, plumbing, excavating crews working and me lining up pipe sleeves for the sprinkler system to go into the electrical trenches and under the floor slab. The foundation wall forms were complete by 8:30 am but did not pass inspection because of a requirement for a specific steel tie at the corners. The problem could have been corrected within a short time but the inspector would not wait so this inspection and the concrete pour for the foundation walls will be tomorrow am. We did pour the footings for the bases for the lights in the parking lot and excavate the trench for the electirical connection and the sprinkler pipe sleeve from the building to the planter islands and the lights.

The plumber finished his work but did not pass the pressure test so more work needs to be done there. The pipe material for the sprinkler sleeves and for a sprinkler control line under the floor slab were purchased by us and delivered at 5:30 pm so they can be placed first thing on Friday. We left out one section of the foundation wall so the plumber and electrical people can get equipment in for backfill. The wall form will be set and poured just ahead of the floor slab so we can still complete that early next week.

Judy Ross and Skyler had a great time serving lunch to 12 workmen today who really appreciated it. I was even asked by one of the workmen to offer a prayer for the food which I was happy to do. They are really in to our purpose as they work to help us achieve our dream. There are several photos today which are pretty self explanatory. Dave Reeves stands proudly by our Gift in Kind sign to which he added two names today.


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