Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 13, 2001


Wednesday, June 13, 2001

The progress today was limited by the weather. The concrete crew was able to make some progress on the foundation perimeter wall before the cold rain started about 8 am. The plumbing crew worked in the rain for a couple of hours until about 10:30 am and then stopped for the day. In mid-afternoon after the sun reappeared a backhoe operator for Furst Const. came to excavate the footings for the parking lot light poles. The concrete crew foreman came back about 4 pm to finish as much of the perimeter wall forming as he can before dark. He has called for a form inspection at 8 am so will be there early in the morning to finish up. The plan is to pour the foundation wall and the light pole bases tomorrow. We are trying to get all of the pipe and conduit placed under the floor slab so we can compact and backfill the floor support area in time to pour the slab on Tuesday next week. 

A crew of about 10 should be on site Thursday and Friday from the excavation, plumbing, electrical, and concrete disciplines to meet this schedule. 

Photos today show the foundation wall forms as they were at 4 pm today.

June 13 - Addendum
I moseyed back over to the site about 7:15 pm and this is what I saw. Andrew had left but we can be sure the forms will be complete by the time of the inspection in the morning at 8:30.


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