Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 12, 2001


Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Today we poured two more sections of the curb and gutter on the south edge of the entrance drive and on the west edge of the parking lot. We saw cut the two handicapped ramp openings in the curb. The forms for the grade beam wall are almost half in place. The plan is to pour all but one section of the beam by the end of the day tomorrow.

We had our first weekly on site team meeting this morning. The electrical and plumbing sub contractors are starting to place their conduits under the floor slab area. The plan is to pour the floor slab next Tuesday. The Utah Power representative marked the spot for our permanent power pole, from which we will run our underground power, about in the center of the building just east of the future sidewalk. The plumbing plan was not available on site but was found at Furst and will be on site tomorrow.

There should be crews from the plumbing, electrical, excavation, and concrete disciplines on site the remainder of this week. I estimate 10 or 12 total contractor personnel these three days. By next week we should have all the concrete curb work done and be working on the base for the asphalt paving. We may be able to get this done substantially ahead of our current schedule. Next week we will also be installing water and sewer connections from the utilities in 3200 West.

Photos today include the curb cuts for handicapped access and the forms in place for the grade beams.


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