Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
August 24, 2001

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Report for Friday, August 24, 2001

Plumbers, electricians and utility contractors were at it in a big way today. The copper water lines were holding the test pressure above 60 pounds per square inch, Photo C. The water test of the drain and waste piping showed a drip from a temporary plug but all the joints were tight. We are ready to mount the main power panel, Photo B. Wires have been run everywhere it seems but there are still more to be put in, Photo F.

The front pillars are ready for the wire mesh and first mortar coat prior to installing the rock exterior covering, Photo D. The exterior cultured stone, wire mesh and mortar were delivered from Harristone this afternoon, Photo E. All we need to do is glue all these boxes of rock to the walls of the building and the pillars out front. That is after the contractor prepares the exterior surfaces for us. That should be done next week.

We finally have agreement with the City on the location of the City's water line in 3200 West, Photo A. The unpaved square at the left of the photo is the backfilled hole we dug to look for the line yesterday. The blue marks just left of the yellow stripe mark the location I had chosen based on some City drawings I obtained a few months ago when we were designing our project. It is good that we have agreed on the location of this line now and can proceed with our connections next Monday. It is unfortunate that the City staff who do the line locations would not visit the site with me last week to work this out before we began digging where they had it marked.

In addition to cutting the pavement for Monday's excavations in the street, the utility contractor installed the meter and fittings and set the valve for our sprinkler system so we are ready to finish system so we can go on to placing rock on the building. Landscape planting will then be done after we are finished working around the outside of the building.

Report and Photos by Terry Holzworth
Editing by David A. Reeves

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