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August 25, 2001
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Saturday, August 25, 2001

The picture file today is very large because there were a large number of volunteers all over our sprinkler system area. All of the sprinkler lines but one along the west side of the building are complete and the control valve piping is about half done.

The main lines and the electric control wires are in the ground from the water meter box to the valve station on the south side of the building. The main line to the parking lot and the control valve for the drip system in the parking lot islands is in and backfilled as are the islands. The drip system in the north island is also complete. Just a few more hours will see this part of our task will be complete. The areas around the parking lot look so neat all cleaned up.

The photos show the large number of people involved and some of the things we worked on. The last two photos show the finished work on some of the areas.

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