Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
August 23, 2001

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Report for Thursday, August 23, 2001

John Vickers lost a day looking for the City water main at the location they blue staked for us. I had tried to get them to consider a different location that showed on the construction plan and that lines up with some valves in the streets but to no avail. The next step is to tie the sewer in which will in my opinion cross under the water line a little further east than the City staff thought it was. Photo A shows the "hole" without a water line in it.

The plumbers are making good progress with a lot of copper pipe installed today in all water areas. Photo B shows one of the restroom plumbing walls.

Heat ducts are being connected each day as shown in Photo C.

We had breakfast this morning, cookies for morning break, and then drinks late in the afternoon which will be used during the safety meeting tomorrow. I was impressed that the lady bringing the drinks this afternoon has attended Mountain Vista 11:00 am service only once and already is participating. Of course she was given a tour of the building. I am terrible with names so will not try to include them in this report.

Scaffolding has been placed around the building in preparation for the stucco work on the north end and the scratch coat on the remainder of the walls in preparation for the stone.

Report and Photos by Terry Holzworth
Editing by David A. Reeves

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