Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
August 22, 2001

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Report for Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Today we framed the second entry column and sheet rocked most of both columns, Photo D (Ed. See August 21 Photo A for initial column framing). The excavation contractor installed the water meter box, Photo A (Ed. See August 18 Photo I for view of excavation of this area), and the mechanical contractor connected the head ducts to the diffuser boxes in the ceiling of the sanctuary, Photo B. The framers also framed in the closet for the water heater in the corner of the kitchen, Photo C.

We worked today on a revision of the lighting in the sanctuary and development of a method of suspending the video projector from the ceiling to avoid having the image project across the lower area of the stage. More needs to be learned about getting a cable long enough to reach from the projector to the computer and control table in the back.

Report and Photos by Terry Holzworth
Editing by David A. Reeves

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