Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 19, 2001

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Report for Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Activity at the site was mostly as follows:

Photos A and B: Continued installation of the roofing trim.

Photos C and D: Putting the texture on the sheet rock ceiling in the sanctuary. Photo C shows the east side of the sanctuary ceiling and Photo D shows the west side.

The wall and floor tile was delivered today and will be installed ahead of the painter's work as he goes so there will be significant changes in the next week.

The painting contractor expects to begin Friday.

Photo E: I experimented with stone placement using about 3/4 of a bag of mortar and was able to successfully place 15-20 stones in about 20 minutes. I believe the secret is having the right consistency in the mortar (as it dried, I had to add a bit of water), and using plenty of it. I piled about an inch of mortar on the stone and pressed the excess out around the edges and had almost enough there to fill the groves so very little more will be needed to fill in. I also worked hard to keep the space between rocks under 1/2 inch. We will see tomorrow if the rocks stick and then go from there. We will have a few people working from about 3 pm until dark on Friday to get the hang of it both with and without the scratch coat so we can lead each group in the process on Saturday. Bob Lindsay has brought a mixer for us to use which will be a great cost saver and also make it possible to work evenings during the week. We will decide Friday whether we need to rent a second mixer for Saturday to keep up. It will probably take another mixer if we use as much mortar on each rock as I did today.

I will try to finish the area above the entry roof tomorrow so the contractor can get the roof covering on. I need to spend some time fitting the safety harness to my bulk. I am not very comfortable working near the edge of the roof without it and the safety folks would likely fine us if I did.

Report and photos by Terry Holzworth
Photo mods and editing by David A. Reeves

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