Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 18, 2001

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Report for Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Photo A: We moved right along on the soffit today and are about 75 per cent complete.

Photo B: Door hardware was installed and we can now lock the building. This will allow us to store materials for finish work inside as soon as the painters, who are to start September 18, are through.

Photo C: The dry wall is about all taped and sanded and ready for the prime coat of paint.

Photo D: We continue to march on the site utilities. The south water line is extended to the east side of the sidewalk and the excavation in the street backfilled. The City can now complete the sidewalk and park strip areas.

We have a member who has guaranteed payment for a kitchen range which was not in the contract. The R.C. Willey clearance center sold us a slightly dented one at their cost which is $399. This is about $300 off the original retail price. If you know anyone who would contribute to this cost, please contact me.

R.C. Willey also had a 50 gallon gas water heater with a small dent in the outside cover and sold it to us for $160 which is $135 less than we paid for a new one. The new one will go back to the source tomorrow.

A representative of Harristone met with me at the site today and we now have some manuals with detailed instructions on application of the exterior rock and some advise on making the installation easier. A few of us will be practicing these Friday afternoon after 3 pm so we will be ready for the volunteers on Saturday.

Report and photos by Terry Holzworth
Photo mods and editing by David A. Reeves

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