Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 17, 2001

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Report for Monday, September 17, 2001

Photo A: We made great progress finishing the dry wall in preparation for painting later this week.

Photo B: The soffit metal on the east side of the building was begun.

Photo C: Kathy Haymaker continues to be a faithful steward tending the landscape.

Photo D: We installed a valve and tapped the City water main for the 10 inch water line to feed the hydrant south of the driveway and eventually the remainder of the buildings on site.

We are working to resolve the remaining questions about application of the stone. Will be discussing the problems with the Harristone people in the morning and have the stucco people standing by to put on the scratch coat if this is the way we decide to go. In any event we will be prepared to mount stone on Saturday. The final electrical inspection by the City today showed a couple of items that need to be corrected. We should have release for power to panel by Wednesday.

Report and Photos by Terry Holzworth
Photo mods and editing by David A. Reeves

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