Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 15, 2001
"Work Day"

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Report for Saturday, September 15, 2001

Today brought the help of the Boy Scouts and leaders of Troop 411 from Hilltop United Methodist Church.  Many thanks for their good turnout and hard work!

The largest job tackled was the placing of stone on the building.  This work was begun at the highest points of the front (South) and back (North) sides of the building so that the slanted stones could be cut next to the roof and also to shorten the time needed for keeping the highest levels of scaffolding on site.

The stone work proved to be more than challenging today and it was decided to stop placing and put a scratch coat of mortar on the north side and part of the east side of the building.  A decision will be made as to the use of the scratch coat as a base for the rest of the stone work after it cures.

Workers also applied grout between some of the stones on the dumpster enclosure.  This also proved to be challenging work, and pointed out the need for the proper tools to finish the grout after it is placed.

The sprinkler system saw a big milestone reached today as valve systems were completed and water turned on to the sprinklers on the thirsty south lawn area!

Lunch was provided by the following:
Sandwiches:  Barbara Tyler, Judy Ross, Betty Ross, Lois Sigafus, Rhonda Nelson, Marlene Reeves
Chips: Lorraine Wilkinson
Fruit:  Tracy Reinhard, Charles Blouch
Drinks:  Bob Nohavec, Donna Kasten, Pam Lynch, Peggy Lindsay, Dave Anderson; Cookies:  Virginia Berry, Sue Briggs, Peggy Robison
Donuts and other treats:  unknown.
A big "thank you" to all who provided food and drink for today's work day!

Report and Photos by David A. Reeves

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