Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 13, 2001

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Report for Thursday, September 13, 2001

Building Exterior: The fascia trim around the edge of the roof is now complete. Metal strips to receive the soffit have been placed, but the workers are waiting for soffit material to arrive. Metal flashing was not placed around the bottom of the building exterior, but should have been, so that flashing is now being retrofitted into place.
Photo A - includes two views of the front of the building -- The top view shows the west side of the building and the bottom view shows the east side. Hose and sprinkler watering of the new sod is also shown on the top view.
Photo B - The north end of the building is shown. The fascia is completed and readying the surface for exterior finish is completed.
Photo C - is a close-up of the retrofitted flashing on the northeast corner of the building.

Building Interior: Photo D - The sheet rock has now been placed in the area that had been left open to install the light fixtures.
Photo E - The electricians have been wiring for the heating/AC units, and other misc. connections.

Photo F - Three more names were added to the "Gifts In Kind" sign; Furst Construction, A.C. Electric, and Comfort Systems Intermountain. Those names are shown highlighted on the photo.

Sprinkler System: Lines were flushed on September 12th and work has continued on the system. A special note of appreciation is extended to Mike VanVoorhis and Kathy Haymaker for the extra work in hauling water and moving sprinklers to keep the new sod watered in the absence of a working sprinkler system.
Photo G - shows the water supply connections that allow switching from city water to irrigation water. A detail of the reddish-colored selection hose is shown in the lower inset. The upper inset shows the sprinkler control boxes near the north end of the building.
Photo H - Watering of trees and new sod.
Photo I - shows an operational drip irrigation system in one of the parking islands. The inset near the top of the photo shows a close-up of the thin drip tube.

There is a conflict with the gas line and the water main in the area where the second fire plug is to be placed. Apparently the gas line is buried too deep and near the water line. That will be dealt with next week.

Report and photos by David A. Reeves

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