Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 10, 2001

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Report for Monday, September 10, 2001

Building Exterior Work: The building greatly changed in appearance today because of additional metal trim added around the roof edge, and because of the paper and mesh applied to the exterior of the building to prepare it for attaching the cultured stone surface.

Photo A - includes two views of the front of the building -- The top view shows the west side of the building and the bottom view shows the east side.
Photo B - The worker in the right picture is applying the paper to the building exterior; the worker in the left picture is fastening the wire mesh over it.
Photo C - is a close-up of the paper and wire mesh on the southwest corner of the building.
Photo D - The north end of the building has a special design feature. Preparation for it is shown.
Photo E - Paper and mesh being applied to one of the entryway support columns.

Electrical Work: The lighting fixtures for the sanctuary ceiling have arrived and an electrician was at work installing them. That will remove an obstacle to completing the ceiling sheet rock. The power pole was set in place west of the building and electricians fastened the main conduit from it to the power cabinet.

Photo F - shows the electrician installing a ceiling light "can".
Photo G - shows the base of the power pole with the conduit running toward the building. At the right is a view of the entire pole.
Photo H - shows the electricians connecting the conduit to the power box, plus a view of the power pole as seen from the bottom.

Street Excavation Work: The excavation contractor brought in some asphalt mix and filled in the remaining gap in the pavement this afternoon.

Photo I - shows several views of placing the asphalt and rolling it into place with the Bomag vibrating roller.

Getting Irrigation water onto sod: Not having the city water hookup yet, nor a working sprinkling system has required some creative approaches for watering the new sod. The water wagon was used to haul water. The excavation contractor was in the process of setting up a small gasoline-driven pump to irrigate the sod late this afternoon.

Photo J -The left side of the photo shows the water wagon. The right side shows the pump and hose.

Report and photos by David A. Reeves

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