Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 8, 2001

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Report for Saturday Work Day, September 8, 2001

Today bore witness to a veritable swarm of activity as several tasks needing attention had plenty on hand to see them through.

A large group of youth and leaders from the Southwest Interfaith Council made short work of laying the sod on the south lawn. They and others also planted trees in that area and in the parking islands. All of that work was completed before lunch time.
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Others continued the work on the sprinkler system and completed connecting the control valves on the north end of the building.

Still another group tackled the job of completing the cultured stone surface on the walls of the dumpster enclosure -- valuable practice for the job of applying the stone surface on the building exterior beginning next weekend.
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KSL-TV (Channel 5) had a video photographer and reporter on site and prepared an excellent piece on today's activities for the evening and night news broadcasts. The Deseret News also had a reporter who covered today's event.

The contractor hosted a barbecue lunch for the hungry crowd with Bruce Harrell and Bob Fursteneau applying their grilling skills to the hamburger, bratwurst and hot dogs that they provided. Special thanks also to Mike VanVoorhis and others who provided side dishes to round out the meal.
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There are too many photos to caption individually. Our hope is that you will gain some sense of the spirit of the day and of the day's accomplishments as you browse through them.

Report and photos by David A. Reeves

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