Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 5, 2001

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Report for Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Water Connections:
Photo A - The fire plug trench has been filled in.
Photo B - The water lines were pressurized today. A valve was inadvertently left open and some water overflowed the manhole. (It was pumped out and mixed with soil to produce compacted backfill with the proper moisture content).
Photo C - The water main trench in the street was backfilled. This photo shows the access pipe and cover and the trench partly backfilled.
Photo D - shows dumping backfill material into the street water main trench.
Photo E - shows compacting the backfill material with a hydraulic vibrator.
Photo F - Street water main trench is completely backfilled and ready to be covered for traffic.

Building — Metal Roof Trim:
Photo G
- Two workmen installing metal trim on west side of building.
Photo H - Progress on west side of building
Photo I - Progress on southeast corner of building 

Comfort Systems Intermountain delivered the heating/air-conditioning units today and began installing them in the overhead area behind the rear of the worship area.
Photo J - shows the first unit being moved into place
Photo K - shows the first unit located in the above-ceiling area
Photo L - Using a compressed-air lift to raise a heating/AC unit to upper level

Report and photos by David A. Reeves

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