Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 4, 2001

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Report for Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Photo A - One workman continued working on the trim around the edge of the roof.
Photo B - shows the roof edge trim and support structure in front of building
Photo C - The sheet rock crew worked today. The photo shows work that was done smoothing seams and holes in the kitchen wallboard.

Water connections:
A city crew was present to turn water on from the street main line.
Photo D - A small amount of water was released into the pipes and fire plug so the chlorine solution could move into those areas and disinfect them.
Photo E - Concrete was placed near the base of the fire plug assembly
Photo F - shows working the concrete into place
Photo G - End of work day -- The heavy metal plates are returned to cover the hole in the street.
Photo H - Water pipe has been connected in church manhole.

There was an instruction class this afternoon on how to work with the cultured stone that will be placed on the exteriors of the building and dumpster enclosure. The instruction was given by Mike Bunderson of the Southwest Interfaith Council. The dumpster enclosure was used to practice placing the stones.
Photo I - shows the class gathered around Mr. Bunderson (holding stone)
Photo Q - shows several stones that were placed on a top corner of the dumpster enclosure by the class.
Photo R - shows Mr. Bunderson and several others discussing possibilities for placing stones on the slanted surfaces of the entryway columns. The columns present some unusual challenges for this type of application.

Other photos show placing the stone, studying possible pattern layouts, and holding the stone fast to the wall until it sets up enough to stay fixed in place.

(Note: There are more photos of the stone class on the web page for September 4th than were sent with the original e-mail report).

Report and photos by David A. Reeves

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