Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
September 1, 2001

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Saturday Work Day (September 1, 2001):
There are no digital photos available yet for Saturday's "work day", but there will be some added to the web site at a later date when the film results are available.

Saturday work day activities included filling in the telephone-cable trench and smoothing the surface; more work on the sprinkling system, especially installing drain taps on the main lines and completing the drip system in the parking area garden islands; and cleaning up debris from the general work site and building interior. Again there was involvement on the part of several from the interfaith council as well as those from our own congregation. Mountain Vista United Methodist Church provided pizza for the hungry crew. Thanks to all who helped!

Supplemental Report for September 1, 2001 (Saturday Work Day)

The following photos were not available for the earlier report on Saturday's activities.

Photos A and B: Both are taken from approximately the same vantage point and show the telephone-cable trench filled in and smoothed over. Photo A is looking southward and Photo B is looking westward toward the building.

Photo C: Irrigation water from the outlet tube caused some difficulty in covering the telephone-cable trench. Shown are the telephone cable riser cabinet that is near the building and the irrigation outlet tube.

Photo D: Sprinkler heads along the west side of the building.

Photo E: Sprinkler supply pipes and connecting line with sprinkler head near northeast corner of building.

Photo F: Sprinkler drain taps were installed. (A lot of work is represented by this simple picture)!

Photo G: Parking Island drip irrigation system. The inset shows a closer view of the supply riser and tubing.

Report and Photos by David A. Reeves

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