Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
October 16, 2001

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Report for Tuesday, October 16, 2001

The following report and pictures cover work and activities since Saturday, October 13.

Building Exterior:
Photo A - Two workmen on the entryway roof and main building roof attached the ridge cap and other metal trim.

Building Interior:
Photo B - Two workers from Kitchen Direct, Linden, Utah, were working on the counter tops. Also note that some wall cabinets have been installed since the weekend.
Photo C - A worker from Comfort Systems was doing a pressure check on the air conditioning lines in order to check for leaks before fully charging the system. He noted that the furnace had already been connected and running.
Photo D - Jean Ann Nohavec, Betty Ross, and Peggy Lindsay cleaned floors in preparation for carpet installation which was to begin tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17th.
Photo E -Most of the ceiling tile has been installed in the hallways and classrooms. Shown is the ceiling tile in the main hallway.

Report and photos by David A. Reeves

Plants needed for the church.
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