Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 29, 2001


Friday, June 29, 2001
Submitted by David A. Reeves

Earthwork: R.C. Jensen delivered several loads of road base material and began spreading it on the parking lot area, beginning on the West side. Some hand shoveling was done near the tight areas near the curbing and the John Deere grader was used to spread the material throughout the main part of the parking lot. A Dyna-Pak roller was used to roll the material out. (The grader broke down later with wheel bearing problems).

Some subgrade work was also done in the parking lot toward the east side. The Cat front-end loader was used to move material and adjust subgrade.

Photo Group A -- Shows trucks dumping the road base material in the parking lot. The bottom section also shows the Dyna-Pak roller in action.

Photo Group B -- Shows the John Deere grader spreading the road base material in the parking lot and being rolled out. The center insets show the Cat front-end loader working the subgrade and the water truck wetting it down.

Concrete Work Preparation: Photo Group C shows two views of some form work for the pads next to the east side of the building slab for the entry door(s) and air-conditioning coils. There is also a small view of the building entry-column footings. I thought it might be interesting to note how much material is around them now compared to the previous pictures of them.

Irrigation Ditch Pipe: The city delivered a couple more loads of gravel to the site to be used for backfill, but did not place any more sections of pipe today.

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