Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 28, 2001


Thursday, June 28, 2001
By David A. Reeves

Earthwork: There is a lot of effort toward getting the parking area to grade and the backfill ready under the sidewalk areas. The front end loader and dozer were busy moving earth while I was there this afternoon. Completing the parking lot grading will allow blacktop paving to begin....

Photo A — Note the imported road base material that follows the sidewalk location adjacent to the curb and around the corner in front of the church floor slab. This has been placed and compacted on top of the subgrade material. The sidewalks will sit on top of this.

Photo B —also shows this material, but looking in the opposite direction, toward the south. Other fill placement and earthmoving activity can also be seen in this photo.

Photo C — Close-up of dozer at work.

Concrete Curbing and other Concrete Work: Photo D (inset) shows that the curved section of curbing near the entry drive from 3200 West has been placed. The only remaining curbing work to be done is to connect from the street (3200 West) to the curbs that have been placed along the sides of the entry driveway near there. This must wait until the irrigation pipe is placed and earthwork made ready in that area.

Photo D — Shows that concrete block for the dumpster pad enclosure has been delivered. Note the holes and rebar around the perimeter for the walls.

Irrigation Ditch Pipe: No more sections of pipe have been placed since I last reported. (The contractor noted that it would be helpful if the pipe were completed farther south past the entryway from 3200 West).

Electrical Conduit: In my previous report I said that the electrical contractor had buried some electrical lines. This was somewhat misleading. Conduits were buried without wiring in them. This will allow for pulling electrical cable through the conduits in the future to meet the needs of our expanding church campus.

Building: On Monday a carpenter had looked at the possibility of doing some work on inner walls before the building arrived, but concluded that was not a feasible course of action.

Congregation Activity: I was told that some trash pickup was done and I know that several people have signed up for bringing treats and meals. I cannot drop by often enough to be there when these things are happening, but I can express thanks to all the good folks who have been taking part in these activities.

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