Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 18, 2001


Monday, June 18, 2001

Today the excavation contractor continued to backfill the foundation. We are now 95 per cent complete and the general contractor will form and pour the "closure" section tomorrow. We can then finish the foundation backfill and prepare for a pour of the floor on Wednesday There is a small amount of plumbing work to be completed prior to the floor pour.

The contractor also poured the sides of one of the islands and set the forms for the other to be poured tomorrow. As soon as the forms can be stripped, we can proceed with the road base in preparation for the paving. We still have to pour the curb along the north edge of the parking lot. The base for the dumpster was formed today and will be poured tomorrow.

Lorraine Wilkinson and two grandchildren were at the site late this afternoon "cleaning up" and starting to fill the new dumpster which was delivered this morning as scheduled. Lori Beasley delivered berry pies and drinks this morning to an appreciative crew.

Photos include the mostly backfilled foundation, Lorraine's crew cleaning up, and pouring the concrete for one the curbs for the parking lot islands.


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