Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
June 7, 2001


Thursday, June 7, 2001

What a great day!!! The forms were inspected at 8:30 am and the first concrete was dropped into the first form about 9:35 am. We now have the foundation for a structure on our property. All footings were poured today and the forms will be stripped tomorrow to permit the installation of styrofoam forms for the perimeter wall foundation which will be poured late tomorrow or Monday. 

The excavation contractor completed clearing the phase I site and  started placing and compacting the base for curbing around the  parking lot. He is placing some of the excess top soil in the area  for the landscaped berm required by the City between the parking lot  and 3200 West to minimize the amount of material we have to move  again later to clean up the site.

The city staff continued their consideration of our opinion that the  City is required to install the sidewalk on 3200 West and install the  pipe in the irrigation ditch. We have agreed to make our best effort  to get some of the cost of the material for the ditch gifted by  suppliers for our project. The ombudsman from the City Manager's office advised late today that  it looks encouraging for us but he still must complete one more  review with one of the Department Heads. We will have a resolution  proposed for our acceptance some time Friday so we can move ahead.

The photos show the first concrete coming from the mixer truck, the  completed footings, and the cleared site with some of the curb base  material in place.


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