Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary 
June 5, 2001


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Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Today the contractor worked on removing the vegetation and top soil from the area of the parking lot. I have reviewed the development letter and am in agreement with the requirements of the City. I also reviewed the most recent schedule prepared by the contractor and our later than anticipated start will result in the masonry work (Exterior Rock) now shows up for the four weeks of August. However, the area to be landscaped will be finished in mid July so we can start with the sprinkler system installation, which incidentally is not yet designed. Those working on this part of the process need to find someone to do this design-perhaps a gift in kind from a sprinkler material supplier. We must have all the system in and the landscape planted before we occupy the building. Mike, please do some thinking along these lines. I can help with some contacts if you need it. There is a design element here which you should direct and a GIK element the GIK Committee should address. We should also be contacting nurseries to get the best prices on plant materials.

Our photos show the area which has been cleared and the piles of top soil and vegetation which result. This material can be used in the landscape berm which will be required between 3200 West and the parking lot.


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