Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
July 9, 2001


Monday, July 9, 2001

We started the day by draining the ponded water on the low point of our parking lot where the drain box is to avoid standing water saturating the area under the pavement. The 0.25 inch of rain helped settle the dust and the threat of more rain today caused us to defer pouring more concrete until tomorrow. The excavation contractor extended the trench for the drain pipe far enough to drain the water away. I authorized him to extend the drain pipe another 80 feet so the ditch to drain the water will not have to be as deep. The extra pipe will be necessary anyway when we build further east with the parking lot.

The general contractor finished compacting the base for the sidewalks in front of the building and this concrete will be poured at 6 am tomorrow.

The remainder of this week we will have only the excavation contractor working connecting the water and sewer lines to the City lines in 3200 West and extending the drain line from the parking lot.

Michael Jones will be checking the site each evening for the next week and sending out the daily diary while I visit a son's family in Seattle.

I picked up the landscape plan completed for us by Glover Nursery and delivered it to Sprinkler Supply who will have the sprinkler system design completed by July 25. Glover is providing all of the plant materials at wholesale prices with an additional ten per cent discount on the major trees. We are working on a gift in kind with the sprinkler people and will establish costs for their materials when the design is complete.

We are still expecting delivery of the steel structure July 25 at which time we will see a flurry of activity ending with completion of the building.

The two photos today show the extended pipe trench for the drain ( Note the ring around the grate where the water was ponded) and the sidewalk area ready for concrete.

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