Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
July 3, 2001


Tuesday, July 3, 2001

This day was used to place road base material under the areas to be paved and under the sidewalks to be poured. The excavation contractor finally received the drainage box for the parking lot in mid afternoon and installed it along with one length of drainage pipe to carry the water to the east.

The photos show the road base in place and the new drainage box.

I had a long discussion with the Qwest installation contractor and it seems we will be required to provide a trench along our property boundary from the south east corner all the around the east and north sides to the building in order to receive telephone service. On the positive side this will give us line capacity and connection points for all future buildings on our property.

I gave a copy of the site drainage plan to the landscape designer at Glover Nursery and expect to have that plan on Thursday to take to the Sprinkler Supply folks who will lay out our sprinkler system for no charge if we purchase our materials from them. They are the ones who already have furnished the sprinkler sleeve pipe material at a discounted price.

The Strohn family provided a great sandwich lunch for the six or so personnel on the site. Thank you, Clarence, Michelle and the kids for bringing this meal.

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