Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
July 2, 2001


Monday, July 2, 2001

This day was devoted to backfilling behind the curbs and in the berm area for landscaping by the excavation contractor and placing road base for the paved areas by the paving contractor. The photo shows the road base in place and the special grader used to establish the smooth grade for the compacted road base.

We have been requested to construct a trench for the telephone service around the east and north boundary of our entire property. It seems there is no capacity in Qwest's system on 3200 West or on 9000 South further west on our frontage. This may be a significant unanticipated cost although United Rental has a trencher we can rent and do the work ourselves. I meet with the Qwest installation contractor first thing tomorrow morning to go over the requirements.

We have the final cost of the materials for the utility installation and the Gift in Kind will be about $2,500 on an $8,000 total bid price. The City can save about $500 on about $5000 worth of material for the irrigation ditch piping. This is a total gift from this supplier (Amcor-White) of about $3,000.

The excavation contractor will not work most of the remainder of this week. He has called for his materials to be ready for him to start utility work Monday, July9 and he expects to be finished before the building steel arrives. At the rate we are going, we should pave next week and the sidewalks should be all completed then also. After that it is almost all building. Work.

Glover Nursery has offered a significant discount off their contractor wholesale rate for plant materials as a Gift in Kind and is doing a detailed landscape plan for us to use. We will take this to Sprinkler Supply who has indicated they will prepare the sprinkler system design at no cost if we purchase our materials at the discounted price equivalent to the bid price they offer contractors for bid jobs. This will also represent a significant Gift in Kind.

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