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Daily Construction Diary
Week of August 27 - 31
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Weekly Progress, August 27 - August 31
The following photographs highlight some of the construction progress for the week of August 27 through August 31, 2001. All of the photos were taken Friday afternoon, August 31, 2001.

Photos Page W — Water Main Connection and Fire Hydrant:
A — Excavation contractor preparing to work on water main connection.
B — Water main beneath street showing connecting collar for our hookup. (photo view is toward the west)
C — Water main with our supply pipe connected (photo view is toward the south).
D — Excavated hole in the street showing our hookup to the water main. (photo view is toward the west).
E — Crew transporting fire plug assembly to its location.
F — Lowering fire plug assembly into trench.
G — Initial connection of fire plug to water supply line.
H — Holding fire plug steady during connection.
I — Connecting fire plug.
J — Adjusting fire plug and tightening connections.
K — Fire plug assembly in place.
L — Traffic detour on 3200 West to avoid water-main excavation and activity. Northbound traffic is diverted into the center lane. (southbound traffic is in the right lane coming towards the viewer in this photo)
M — View of work on water main hookup from Pastor's west window.

Report and Photos (except those noted below) by David A. Reeves.
Photos B and K by Terry Holzworth.

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