Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
Week of August 27 - 31
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Weekly Progress, August 27 - August 31
The following photographs highlight some of the construction progress for the week of August 27 through August 31, 2001. All of the photos were taken Friday afternoon, August 31, 2001.

Photos Page A - Building Work:
A — A General View of the Building on Friday afternoon.
B — The front entryway has had some finishing touches added.
C — A view looking southeast. Note the scaffolding. Also the insulation behind the "eaves" area.
D — Work is proceeding on the metal supports and trim that goes around the bottom edge of the roof.
E — Same as preceding, close-up of worker
F — View of west side of building. Note roof trim items and insulation.
G — View of east side of building. Note more roof side trim installed
H — Detail of roof trim on east side of building.
I —Power boxes on west side of building.

Report and Photos (except those noted below) by David A. Reeves.
Photos F and G by Terry Holzworth.

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