Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
August 16, 2001

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Thursday, August 16, 2001

Wow! Stuff is happening really fast now. We found the elusive pipe under the front sidewalk that our boys worked so hard to find last Saturday. Photo A/B. It was much deeper than I thought it should be and they would have been a long time finding it with pick and shovel.

The drainage storage pond at the east end of the property was completed. Photo C.

A little more than half the trench for the telephone service line around the north and east perimeter was completed. Photo D/E. Bob Lindsay will finish this and dig the remainder of the sprinkler trenches on Friday.

The interior wall framing is complete to the point where you can now see all of the rooms. The hard ceiling over the entry corridor has been started. I expect all the framing to be close to complete on Friday except perhaps the support structure for the serving window from the kitchen. Photos F and G.

Finally, the remaining section of the roof was completed and now all that remains is the closure of the ridge line at the very top. We will now see work begin on the fascia to close the building in. Photo H.

We ordered the water meter vault and it will be picked up on Friday. The contractor will install it and the associated plumbing connection to the building including the valve we will use for the sprinkler system in the next couple of days. Next week the utility connections in the street will be made.

Report and Photos by Terry Holzworth
Edited by David A. Reeves August 17, 2001

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