Mountain Vista United Methodist Church
Daily Construction Diary
August 13, 2001

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Report for Monday, August 13, 2001

Today looked like a calmer time around the building but three disciplines were hard at work.

The dry wall crew finished the north wall. (Photo A)

The mechanical crew installed the refrigerant lines to the condenser pad on the east side of the building and completed the supports for another heating/air conditioning unit. The lines show if you look closely. I know Dave will make them show up on the web version. (Photo B)

The contractor working on the entry completed the east side and is awaiting delivery of the joists for the west side. (Photo C)

The dry wall crew also completed the framing studs for the box around the duct work on the east side of the sanctuary and part of the west side. (Photo D)

I was able to splice in a replacement section of conduit for the extension of the parking lot lighting circuit to the east in the south planter area so that is now ready.

Report by Terry Holzworth
Edited by David A. Reeves  8/14/2001

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