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August 11, 2001
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Saturday, August 11, 2001

Well, our first formal volunteer day today went quite well considering the problems we had locating the "sleeves" under the parking lot and east sidewalk. We had about 30 people participate with us including 6 or 7 from the West Jordan interfaith group. All had a great time working together and every person from the youngest youth to the eldest present had at least one meaningful task

I want to share with you the the contractor erecting the wood entrance structure brought his wife, father and two children over to the site last evening to view the scriptures and art work we have placed on the structure. They were very impressed with our commitment to this program.

Photos today are numerous and speak for themselves. I am sending everything I took so apologize for the size of the attachment files.

Ed. Notes:

Although no photos are included, we wish to thank Lorraine Wilkinson and others for organizing and providing the work day lunch and stocking the "water break" area. Lorraine and (another -- let me know who!) provided drinks; Pat Brown, Pam Lynch and Tina Whaley provided sandwiches; Kathy Haymaker provided fruit; and Tracy Reinhard provided chips and salsa. The nourishment and refreshment provided much needed relief from the hot sun and kept us going throughout the day. Many thanks!

Photos are presented in four groups to be more manageable:
A Page - Photos A, I, L "Supplies and Organization"
B Page - Photos B, D, K, P "Sprinkler System Preparation"
C Page - Photos G, H, J "Sprinkler Supply Trench and Pipe"
D Page - Photos C, E, F, M, N, O "Searching For Buried Pipe Sleeve"

Photos A - J  Terry Holzworth
Photos K - P  David Reeves

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